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JSC “Pamario produktai” is a Lithuanian company that grows earthworms and produces natural organic fertilizers – BIOHUMUS.

We would like to stress the importance of our relationship to nature and its inhabitants. The Earth would not stop turning if there were no people living on Earth and the nature would keep existing, however, a human being would not live long without a medium necessary for him. We need to protect the environment for our own sake, try to make ecologically right decisions and cherish the environment around us. The first step of our company is a manufacture of vermicompost and mixtures of biohumus from the cow manure that was processed by worms.

The soil is constantly polluted with mineral fertilizers and various pesticides. The soil becomes dead, it looks like mineral cotton and microorganisms die. Pesticides and heavy metals cannot turn into harmless compounds if the amount of humus decreases. Plants suffer from lack of nitrogen, phosphorus, kalium and microelements if the amount of humus decreases. Plants become nonresistant to diseases. The soil decomposes and erodes; however, its fertility can be easily restored by fertilizing it with biohumus. Worms produce biohumus from the compost of cow manure and other organic material in farms. Organic materials are fully processed in stomachs of worms and these materials split into amino acids. Amino acids enrich the micro flora of intestines of worms with ferments, vitamins and other biologically active materials that eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and seeds of weeds. It is very important in establishing ecological agriculture in farms or in planting vegetables, flowers and garden plants in homesteads or gardens.

Manufacturing of vermicompost ecologically is a safest and environmentally most beneficial way for organic waste recycling. The essence of manufacturing of vermicompost is a use assembly of man made and maintained heterotrophs (worms, microscopic invertebrates and microorganisms) existing in the soil. This technology is used in order to produce two types of products from insignificant organic waste that would be useful for agriculture: organic fertilizers (vericompost also called biohumus) and fodder supplement produced from biomass of worms which is saturated with proteins and vitamins.

We offer biohumus of cow manure that was processed by worms or soil mixtures made from biohumus to all people who are not indifferent to environment and ecological lifestyle as well as to companies producing ecological products.

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